The very new Canadian championship has been assigned to start in mid-April, a program that has come as a surprise, since we think they would start in February even if we want to have signings in line with the rest of football in the world.
It is worth mentioning that this championship is one of the ones we most want to make, due to the good material of resources that we handle, from data and uniforms to faces.

"I think that finally adding the first division of Canadian football will remind us of what the NASL was at the time. Many hidden audios, many hidden minifaces, many hidden faces. Maybe as South Americans we didn't believe in American football, but It must be said, they have the economy to have a world-class League.

I will keep you informed, since apparently, the positioning of textile brands in the championship is quite marked, that is, we will not have any problems in the development of uniforms. What would be incredible to see, is a hidden face, of some player of the championship, of course, that would come from the MLS.

Finally hopefully, EA Sports has done a good job in the MLS and still keep the material that was in the game. This would not only make me happy as an editor but also all the fans of Canadian football at FIFA, who would take a user experience, very likely.

If there is something I do not want to do, is to put the Canadian league season 2019-II, this March 20 FIFA patch coming.