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Mod de Ligas Peruanas totalmente gratuito, disponible en nuestro subforo de FC24

descriptionDownload American Mod for FIFA 20 EmptyDownload American Mod for FIFA 20

Download American Mod for FIFA 20 Sin_tz23
I have brought all the selections from concacaf, from the FIFA World Cup 2014. Now available to play them, you can find them, in International like CONCACAF and new historical teams, in the rest of the world 2. I have corrected the gender of the added players, I e I was left wanting to do the second category of Argentina, Chile and Colombia, but well, for another time it will be. I think there are already many teams added, and the limitations of FIFA 20 are beginning to be seen. The historical teams will now be new and those that were replaced have been released. I know that the lower categories of Argentine football are tempting, but in truth, I already believe that the rest of America awaits its moment. Series A of Brazil complete, gentlemen.

Historic Teams :

South American Leagues:
Corrected Brazilian club
Brazilian Clubs which were missing*
Bolivian clubs which were missing
Ecuadorian Clubs which were missing
Paraguayan Clubs which were missing
Peruvian Clubs which were missing
Uruguayan Clubs which were missing
Venezuelan Clubs which were missing

North American Leagues:
Canadian First Division
USL Championship
Ascenso MX

Central American Leagues:
Belizian First Division 2019-II
Costa Rican First Division
Salvadorian First Division
Guatemalan First Division
Hondurian First Division
Nicaraguan First Division

Caribbean Leagues:
Cuban First Division
Jamaican First Division
Puerto Rico First Division
Dominican Republician First Division
Trinidad and Tobago First Division

Two clubs from Haiti, Arcahaie FC and Don Bosco

All National Teams from Concacaf*
Historic Teams and new historic teams aggre*

Compatible Mode Online 1vs1
Wait the 'Loc' for English and Spanish
Squads date, 8 may.
Mode Career Enable

[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
1. Open FIFA 20, in Frosty Editor
2. In Menu go to 'FIFA'
2. Click in 'Legacy Explorer'
3. Select 'fifa_ng_db' and 'fifa_ng_db-meta' and replace.

Tutorial Video... [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

descriptionDownload American Mod for FIFA 20 EmptyRe: Download American Mod for FIFA 20

mod totalmente cambiado y editado. CIERRO TEMA.
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