The TT-Pro league is back Sin_tz11
'Professional football will play and have a 2019/20 season'. That is the decision taken by the TT Pro League Board of Directors after an emergency meeting that took place today.

As a board, we feel that while all forms of football are important, the professional league is vital to the overall social and sports development of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Board believes that players, coaches and administrators must continue to work as paid professionals and we have an obligation to provide fans with high-level football. The ten professional clubs, including the Sando Club, have agreed to play in the 2019/20 season and two other clubs have shown interest in joining.

It was written in a press release.
For 2 years, the division to which a large number of clubs in the tt-pro league was INVITATIONAL ASCENSION TOURNAMENT - DIVISION 1, due to the short time I had for the edition I could not continue to advance with the great tt football. On the other hand, apparently the 2nd division of tt which is called Super League One, considered very little attended by the media. That is why there was a year where I did not know what to do and was perplexed with the state of professional football in Trinidad and Tobago.

This 2020 I promise you a video tutorial in the English language of the installation of the tt-pro league for fifa 20.